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Stewart Little B.Sc.

The World's leading authority on the Management of Submarine Rescue.

A veteran of 34 years' service in the Royal Navy, almost all of which was spent in the Submarine Flotilla, and with 20 years Submarine Rescue experience, Stewart Little has an unrivalled breadth of knowledge and experience.

On successful completion of the Submarine Command Course "the Perisher" in 1992, he served as XO of an SSBN, and then three shore based jobs, first dealing with Acceptance, then a Headquarters appointment on the Staff of FOSM, responsible for SMER Policy as well as AWW, SF Liaison and Introduction of TLAM and supporting doctrine. This period in the mid-nineties began his long association with the NATO SMERWG, which has lasted 20 years.

He then ran the Devonport Submarine Trainers, providing Command Team, Tactical Weapons, Ship Control and Damage control training, assessment and certification to the SSN Fleet. During this appointment he was recalled to UK Fleet HQ to run the UK response to the Kursk disaster.

From 2002 to 2004 he Commanded HMS UPHOLDER, and therefore became the last SSK CO in the RN. In 2004 he joined the NSRS Project at the time of initial contract award, and saw NSRS from operational requirement through Design and Manufacture through Acceptance off Contract and into Operational Service, employed as Requirements, Acceptance and Operations Manager, as well as Standing NSRS REC and CRF. He left the RN in 2012 to work as the NSRS Rescue Manager for Rolls-Royce for 2 years before leaving to establish SRC.

Well known internationally, he has attended 14 SMERWG annual meetings and an equivalent number of panels, including 7 years as Chairman of the Rescue/Ops panel. He has planned and delivered 48 Submarine Rescue Exercises, involving mobilisation from 14 different ports in 7 countries, operations from 15 different MOSHIPs and mating exercises with 17 submarines from 9 nations.

SRC is dedicated to the improvement of Global Submarine Rescue, by increasing knowledge and experience of Operating and HQ personnel.
Intervention ROV awaiting tasking onboard French Ship ARGONAUTE
Intervention Control station - pilot, tooling and tracking
SRV being loaded into RAF C-17
SRV test launch alongside
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