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Submarine Rescue Consultancy: Consultancy

SRC can deliver consultancy services, advice, mentoring and observation across the full spectrum of Submarine Rescue, from Requirements Management through Procurement options to in-service operations and exercises.

SRC will provide either general or bespoke advice, depending upon your requirements, with a deliverable product specifically tailored to your needs.

Potential fields of work include specification and development of Requirements, studies into future capabilities, improvement of existing equipments, optimisation of in-service performance and planning and execution of exercises.

SRC can assist and advise on all aspects of SM Rescue, from Alertment through Search to Logistical Requirements to Operations to Recovery.

MOSHIP/VOO Management, including specification, availability, tracking and interface are particular areas where low cost assistance can bring rapid and valuable results.

Stewart Little is available to act as an Independent and external monitor during Submarine Rescue exercises, using his vast experience to help you to identify and implement best practice.

All consultancy services will be delivered to a fixed and all-inclusive price, at a single and agreed cost to the requesting Authority.

SRC Consultancy represents extraordinary value for money, and is what your Submariners deserve.

SRC is dedicated to the improvement of Global Submarine Rescue, by increasing knowledge and experience of Operating and HQ personnel.
MOSHIP hunting - Aberdeen
SM Rescue is an International business - Bergen
US Deepwater Rescue System SRDRS, onboard T-ATF
UKSRS (as was) LR5 embarking HSwMS BELOS
Typical MOSHIP availability - Brasil
The end of a busy day training at sea