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Submarine Rescue Consultancy: Training

SRC is uniquely positioned to be able to offer and deliver bespoke training courses for Operational and Headquarters personnel who may have to deal with Submarine Rescue Operations (or Exercises) as part of their duties.

SRC firmly believes in the doctrine of 'Train as you Fight' and specialises in the delivery of training so that personnel can best react to any Submarine Emergency.

Rather than rely on the vague and indefinable terminology of 'Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel' (SQEP), SRC has developed a new and effective breakdown of the individual Personnel component of Capability, and will base all training on developing and improving these Key Areas - the KATIES.

These are:
  • KNOWLEDGE - Specialist SM Rescue knowledge required to fulfill individual and team roles across a range of Agencies and Authorities.
  • ATTRIBUTES - Pre-Requisites for employment - Education, Communication and functional competencies required for individual and team roles.
  • TRAINING - Initial, Team, Continuation and through-life training plans to maintain efficiency and effectiveness, including metrics if required.
  • INFORMATION - Knowing what is required, where to find it and how to manage and distribute it internally and externally through briefings and battle rhythm.
  • EXPERIENCE - A combination of all the above, leading to increased performance and recognition.
  • SKILLS - The tools required to deliver all of the above, as well as awareness of all aspects of any SM Rescue operation, from logistics through to operations.

SRC is dedicated to the improvement of Global Submarine Rescue, by increasing knowledge and experience of Operating and HQ personnel.
REC training at sea (on a break)
NSRS TUP Control. Training must be for for all personnel - operators and headquarters. Capability is more than equipment
Training - multi-disciplinary and ship-wide. Train as you fight.
Tracking system at sea