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Submarine Rescue Consultancy: Training

Stewart Little has delivered training to personnel from the following nations: Australia. France, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, USA and UK.

Training can either be by dedicated training course, with up to 12 students over 4 - 5 days, or by "Tabletop" presentation, where up to 80 people can participate and learn through realistic development of an agreed and relevant training scenario.

All training delivered to date has achieved excellent feedback reports from all students.

All training courses will be delivered to a fixed and all-inclusive price, at a single and agreed cost to the host nation. Each student will receive all training media on a memory stick, enabling them to cascade the training throughout their organisation.

SRC Training represents extraordinary value for money, and is what your Submariners deserve.

SRC is dedicated to the improvement of Global Submarine Rescue, by increasing knowledge and experience of Operating and HQ personnel.
REC training at sea (on a break)
NSRS TUP Control. Training must be for for all personnel - operators and headquarters. Capability is more than equipment
Training - multi-disciplinary and ship-wide. Train as you fight.
Tracking system at sea